Two thousand miles against the clock in a home built kit car
Working your way across Europe has never been THIS much fun!!

Jade and Crisi live to perform, but an audition in Italy for Crisi’s dream role is out of the question because of her fear of flying. That is, until best friend Jade borrows her Uncle’s aging replica Cobra, and offers to drive her. What follows is a unique, fun-filled adventure through Europe.

It sees the girls needing to undertake all manner of weird and wonderful jobs to help fund their trip. But it’s also a journey of self-discovery, and they still manage to find time to experience some adrenalin-fuelled activities along the way. But will the car, and the girls’ friendship survive? And more importantly, will they make it to the audition in time?


Two Girls and a Kit Car is a character-led, light-hearted reality adventure series, with a regular format. Jade and Crisi are in their early twenties, and are genuine life-long friends with an unmistakeable chemistry between them. Yet their personalities are quite different.

Jade is the level-headed brunette, determined, happy to take charge, and eager to try all that life has to offer. But the strong exterior has a soft centre, and she will always go the extra mile to support and encourage Crisi, and ensure her friends’ happiness.

Crisi’s stunning blonde looks often mask her ambitious soul. She is shy, nervous, and lacks self-confidence. Yet somewhere deep inside Crisi yearns to be strong like Jade, and throughout the trip she pushes herself to defeat past demons, and discover the person she’s always longed to be.


Each episode covers one day of the journey to the auditions near Rome, and has three main aspects:

• The cash-strapped girls need to find jobs along the way. Such things as cheese making, olive picking, cleaning a yacht, and even helping feed the animals in a wildlife park.

• They will also enjoy some leisure time trying various activities. From off-road driving and jet-boating, to rock climbing and sailing, the girls experience many new thrills

• The girls are helped by their well-connected, travel-savvy uncle Alan – who we often hear, but never see. His contacts mean the girls get to cook, eat, and sleep in a eclectic mix of places, including a tree house, a 12th Century bathhouse, a ski chalet, and one of Europe’s top hotels.

The girls have never travelled before. They learn about both themselves, and the many people they meet. They see new countries and embrace new cultures. As the apprehension subsides, it’s their newly found freedom of the open road that becomes their driving force. For Crisi, however, the audition is still important, and problems with the car mean that even getting there is uncertain.

The ending has been carefully planned to give not only an unexpected conclusion, but also to leave the door open for any number of further series. An outline plan for the next series is already well advanced, and we envisage the ‘Two Girls…’ brand having many other long-term possibilities.

Available for pre-sale now as 15 x 24 minute episodes in HD.

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