Each summer, a group of fields in southeast England shudder under the tracks of tanks and armoured vehicles. Warplanes fly overhead, and machine guns and artillery shoot it out in dramatic battles. This is the War and Peace Show; the largest military vehicle spectacular on the planet. Four thousand privately owned military vehicles, eighteen thousand re-enactors and exhibitors, combine with forties style dance bands and fashion shows to entertain the one hundred thousand visitors.

Staging such a huge and complex event needs an army in its own right – an eclectic mix of personalities that make up the organising team. They stem from wildly different backgrounds, and their larger-than-life personalities create strong friendly rivalries, a no-nonsense approach, and an even stronger team spirit.

It’s an exciting, adrenalin filled challenge, and for the first time television cameras have been given unprecedented access behind the scenes from beginning to end. The six-part series is with the organisers every step of the way, taking you into the battles, backstage with the bands and celebrities, and on board giant military trucks as they race each other. We’ll see how pyrotechnics are laid, and huge ‘Living History’ recreations are constructed. And we’ll be with the tireless team as they battle around the clock to deal with emergencies, dramas, and keep the show running.

Welcome to the World of War and Peace!

Key Characters

The larger than life show organiser, who everybody knows, and nobody can find unless he wants to be found! It’s his vision that has created the event that 100,000 visitors now see each year.

A no-nonsense organiser of the ‘Living History’ field – which for many is the highlight of the event. Quick tempered and belligerent, he also has a wicked sense of humour – particularly when dealing with his arch-rival, Malcolm.

Controls the largest area of the show, which houses hundreds of military vehicles – including his own. Often the subject of much mickey-taking for his steady, methodical style, he also stages some of the amazing battle re-enactments!

The event’s troubleshooter. Riding into action on his replica military police motorcycle, Paul will be the first to arrive whenever there is a trouble on the showground.

The Clover Sisters
Three young girls who are the modern day ‘Andrews Sisters’… will all the rehearsals pay off as they perform wartime songs to a judgemental audience of jitterbuggers and jivers?

The Radio Team
Keeping everyone up to date are the crew behind the event’s own radio station. From the glamorous Beci, who does the breakfast show in her pyjamas, to boss Trevor’s late night show, they are the lucky bunch that gets to meet the celebrities, and try all that the show has to offer.

Available for pre-sale as 6 x 30 minute episodes in HD.

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