When popular antique dealer Clive Attrell decides to bring some new blood into the industry, he had no idea that the five enthusiastic young ladies who were to vie for the coveted apprenticeship would give him such a hard time.

The competitors undergo all manner of lessons, tests, competitions, and challenges. They need to learn about buying and selling, how to identify and value antiques, and about the cut-throat world of auctions and antique fairs. Above all, they need to do all that quicker, and better than their fellow apprentices.

As they are reduced from five down to three, and then to a final two, the girls use every trick in the book – both fair and foul – to try and ensure they are the one chosen as Clive’s Antiques Apprentice.

Attrell’s Antiques Apprentices follows five would-be antique dealers as they try and learn the business from expert Clive Attrell, and beat off their competitors to win his prestigious apprenticeship.

The first two episodes see the girls being put through an intense two day course of lessons and tests, assessing both their abilities and their unique personalities. Clive and his team are fair and keen to help, but fully expect all the girls to work hard. This is a boss that doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Next, it all gets very real as the apprentices join Clive on one of his popular valuation tours, meeting the public, and having to evaluate all kinds of items. The girls are plunged into difficult scenarios, having to ensure they don’t waste Clive’s money by buying items for more than they are worth.

As the competition progresses, they are also tested by visits to auctions and antique fairs, and the weaker candidates are soon dismissed. In a final showdown, the two finalists have to face their toughest test, and an unforgiving audience, as they become auctioneers in a genuine public auction. With little to choose between them, Clive is also faced with a dilemma. Who to send home, and who becomes his winner.

Attrell’s Antiques Apprentices combines a wealth of interesting antique knowledge, with an exciting competitive element, and a warm sprinkling of humour. It is captivating and entertaining, whether or not you have an interest in antiques. As the audience warms to the different candidates, they will become more involved as they share their joy or despair. Who will be YOUR favourite?

Now available for sale as 13 x 30 minute episodes.

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