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"Under clear blue skies, on a Red Sea beach, we’re helping our chef scoop piles of soft sand away from a raised mound. Somewhere under here is our lunch. It was the final step of a captivating lesson on Bedouin cooking, given by Chef Didier, which had begun several hours before. Large joints of lamb were marinated, before being placed on top of a smouldering fire in a deep pit. Then, under a metal lid, they were covered with sand and left to slowly cook. In the meantime our group learned how to prepare a variety of local salads and dressings, before settling down to enjoy the delicious al fresco meal with our hosts.

It was the last morning of a brief but exhilarating trip to Jordan, staying at the Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort, in Aqaba.

Jordan has just a few miles of coastline, on the northern tip of the Red Sea, so to secure this idyllic spot was no mean achievement for the hotel. Just around the headland to the south lies Saudi Arabia. In the opposite direction, the Israeli border is just beyond Aqaba itself, and as the coast doubles back, directly across the water from us is the coast of Egypt.

To call Aqaba an historic town would be to do it an injustice. Along with neighbouring Eilat, on the Israeli side of the border, these were the famous ancient ports of Eilath and Ezion-Geber where King Solomon built his mighty fleet of treasure-gathering ships. The story goes that the vessels returned laden with gold, precious stones, and other valuables from a mysterious land called Ofir."

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