Latota Productions has the skill, experience and equipment to create programmes of all shapes and sizes. Check out what projects are taking our time and see what stage of the production process we have entered on each.

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When popular antique dealer Clive Attrell decides to bring some new blood into the industry, he had no idea that the five enthusiastic young ladies who were to vie for the coveted apprenticeship would give him such a hard time.

The competitors undergo all manner of lessons, tests, competitions, and challenges. They need to learn about buying and selling, how to identify and value antiques, and about the cut-throat world of auctions and antique fairs. Above all, they need to do all that quicker, and better than their fellow apprentices.

As they are reduced from five down to three, and then to a final two, the girls use every trick in the book – both fair and foul – to try and ensure they are the one chosen as Clive’s Antiques Apprentice.

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Be amazed as we go behind the scenes of the world’s largest military vehicle spectacular! Meet a huge host of dedicated, skilled and slightly mad people who come together from all over the world to create this annual mammoth show.

Organising such a huge and complex event needs an army in its own right - an eclectic mixture of organisers, from wildly different backgrounds, with strong friendly rivalries and an even stronger team spirit.

This is an event like no other, whether it’s big boys toys, guns and explosions, or 40’s fashion, music and dancing, we’re right there bringing you the action.

Welcome to the world of War and Peace.

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Jade and Crisi live to perform, but an audition in Italy for Crisi’s dream role is out of the question because of her fear of flying. That is, until best friend Jade borrows her Uncle’s aging replica Cobra, and offers to drive her.

What follows is a unique, fun-filled adventure through Europe. It sees the girls needing to undertake all manner of weird and wonderful jobs to help fund their trip. But it’s also a journey of self-discovery, and they still manage to find time to experience some adrenalin-fuelled activities along the way.

But will the car, and the girls’ friendship survive? And more importantly, will they make it to the audition in time?

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