Latota Travel Video Production... Get More for Less!

There are plenty of production companies charging large amounts of money to make your promotional travel videos. Some are good, some are not. With almost all of them, if you order a video, that’s all you get – but not with us.

Latota Productions Ltd have teamed up with award winning travel media specialists Kudosmedia, to offer an amazing all-inclusive deal.

Of course you will get a top quality video production, tailored to your requirements. But in addition our video-journalists will also write a feature article, and ensure it is published in one of Kudosmedia’s regular magazine and website outlets, giving you significant extra publicity. For a small extra cost we can even add a photo package as well.

Other benefits include:

• FREE promotion of your video, should you want, via travel media networks.

• FREE Underwater and Action Camera footage where appropriate.

• FREE Multiple format delivery – DVD and Online versions to suit all needs.

• A Top class team, who have won awards for broadcast, writing, journalism, and photography.

• Unique cost-effective ‘shared’ packages for destinations with more than one business wishing individual videos.

• Fast turn-around service.

• Video’s shot on Full-HD broadcast quality cameras.

• Multiple videos to highlight different aspects of your business for minimal additional cost.

• Friendly, helpful staff, with an in-depth understanding of the travel industry.

Get in touch now, for our full range of offers and other details.


“Thank you so much, it’s amazing! My family and I appreciate your work very much, and would be happy to welcome you back again at any time.”
Tetramythos Winery, Greece.

“This is Fantastic, Thank you so much!”
Lisa Donahue, PR, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.